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The Work Opportunity Tax Credit Coalition is an alliance of more than 100 firms and organizations advocating targeted tax credits as an economic policy tool for Congress and the States to give private employers an incentive to hire chronically unemployed  workers characterized by either low skills, low income, low workforce participation, or high unemployment.    

These workforce investment tax credits are key to greater employment opportunity for veterans, people with disabilities, disconnected youth, and those in poverty or on welfare who are completing state and local training and public assistance programs.  The aim is to exit poverty,  achieve upward mobility and end dependency on public assistance. WOTC is also important as an investment incentive to assist in redevelopment of high poverty urban areas, depressed rural counties, and  areas impacted by natural disasters.  

Tax incentives we recommended for human capital investment would give employers the resources and responsibility to respond to market signals to undertake  workforce training to create the modern skills needed to maintain competitiveness in the face of globalization and technological change. For details of our recommendations, see "Legislation".  For a full description of current-law WOTC, see "Important Links".