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Your Coalition can refer employers wishing to set up a hiring program using the Work Opportunity Tax Credit to reputable private consultants and the WOTC officer of your State Workforce Agency. We can also assist community organizations that wish to encourage employers to participate and refer eligible workers to them. We have helped State legislators to design comparable State hiring and training tax credits.

Timely filing with State Workforce Agencies is required by law before employers may properly claim the tax credits for eligible workers. The process uses only two simple forms completed by a job applicant prior to hiring, and employer filing them with the State Workforce Agency within 28 days of hiring to certify a worker's eligibility. If an employer has many worksites, or if turnover is large, retaining a tax consulting firm may be cost-effective. We can recommend reputable tax consultants.

Disabled workers have proven loyalty and above-average education and skills. Local mayors and disability organizations can refer to these workers. Outreach enlarges a firm's hiring pool of WOTC eligibles and is worth the extra effort.