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Yes, we support a permanent work opportunity tax credit and tax incentives for today's skill needs.

We are mailing our annual dues per the schedule below:

  • Annual Dues, Larger Business (>$1 B sales) and Tax Consultants: $20,000
  • Annual Dues, Medium Business (>$0.1 B sales): $8,500
  • Annual Dues, Small Business ($1-100 MM sales): $6,000
  • Annual Dues, Smaller Business (<$1 MM sales): $3,000
  • Individuals: Please obtain membership through your employer or school.

Please remit to Work Opportunity Tax Credit Coalition, 5920 Munson Court, Falls Church, VA 22041. Our Federal tax I.D. is 04-3720458. Please do not abbreviate Coalition's name in IRS reporting.

Include in Comments block Name of your Organization; Name, Title, Phone, and E-Mail of Point(s) of Contact, & Date.

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