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Our Goals in Congress

Your Coalition Proposes 7 Goals For This Year:

  1.  Making WOTC permanent.
  2. Making spouses of military service members eligible for WOTC.
  3. Increasing the WOTC benefit of hiring people with disabilities.
  4. Restoring eligibility for disconnected youth.
  5. Expanding job opportunities in health and education through increased private non-profit employer participation.
  6. Retroactive extension of the empowerment zone and Indian employment tax credits.
  7. Eliminate the age 40 limit on SNAP to allow more seniors into WOTC.

In the FY 2020 Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations bill, we will seek adequate funds for, and instructions to the Secretaries of Labor and Treasury to clean up processing backlogs and expand states' capabilities for electronic filing.

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