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Policy Statements

We prepare Statements or Testimony on behalf of the Coalition for Congressional hearings, and brief Fact Sheets on workforce issues as they arise.

Our Updates, which are progress reports on our legislative campaigns, are forwarded to members by email and posted at this web site periodically.

Testimony, fact sheets, and letters to congressional leaders are periodically posted also.

Our campaign for a permanent WOTC has already begun, we expect the question of making WOTC permanent will be decided by December.

Please Email Us to request to receive our Updates directly and more frequently.

Our communications with Congress and those of our members are crucial for legislative advocacy because it's important that oral communications with congressmen, senators, and their staffs be followed up with written analysis and recommendation of exactly what we are asking Congress to do.

Policy Documents

The Coalition's policy analysis and outreach have contributed to the enactment of job credits similar to WOTC by several States.